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North American Coal operates surface mines that supply coal primarily to power generation companies under long-term contracts, and provides other value-added services to natural resource companies. In addition, its North American Mining business operates and maintains draglines and other equipment under contracts with sellers of aggregates. North American Coal’s service-based business model aligns its operating goals with customers’ objectives.

Market Position
North American Coal is among the ten largest coal producers in the United States (as of December 31, 2018). Coal is delivered from developed mines in North Dakota, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana to adjacent or nearby power plants or coal processing facilities.

Competitive Advantages

  • Coal mines provide steady income and cash flow before financing activities 
  • 1.9 billion tons of lignite coal reserves, of which approximately 1.0 billion are committed to current customers
  • Coal contracts are structured to eliminate exposure to market fluctuations in coal prices
  • Outstanding operational and technological mining skills
  • Excellent record of environmental responsibility and employee safety
  • Highly efficient heavy equipment utilization

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2018 Financial Results

  • Revenues: $135.4 million
  • Operating Profit: $50.3 million
  • Income before tax: $49.5 million

Strategic Initiatives

  • Actively pursue additional opportunities to serve as a contract miner in new or existing coal mining operations
  • Pursue opportunities in non-coal mining operations, such as aggregates or other minerals
  • Pursue opportunities to expand value-added services



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